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24K Gold Nine Premium Amoule

This is a premium treatment ampoule with 24K pure energy
to smooth the skin texture
to complete the clear and shine skin texture.

Capacity  :  100ml
Price  :  ₩128,000

# Skin whitening
# Strengthening elasticity / improving wrinkles
# More transparent skin
# More lively skin
# More solid skin

Pure gold element that glows in every drop of ampoule.


The purifying action of pure gold releases impurities and waste matter from the skin, making it look bright and light

More Solid

All kinds of peptides and pure gold fill the skin with nutrients that make the skin feel elastic.

More vigor

Various vegetable extracts activate the skin, making the skin smooth and lively.

More transparent

Refreshing high concentration ampoule with pure gold ingredient ions to strengthen skin texture

Feel the magical skin changes of Angels Liquid!

With a drop of Angels Liquid, you will be more beautiful tomorrow than today.

24K Pure Gold

Gold expands capillaries. The expanded capillaries provide sufficient oxygen and nutrition to help heal naturally. Gold also produces anion. It breaks down the nutrients so that they’re absorbed in the cells, and what’s not needed is excreted through the capillaries. Then, metabolism increases and healthy skin regains.

※ The description above is limited to raw material properties..


With the intensive nutrition of 24K pure gold, the skin tone is kept clear from the inside.


It is one of the top three moisturizers in the world,
and is effective in improving skin elasticity andprotecting skin.


Collagen is the protein that makes up the skin that makes up about 70 percent
of the skin and tightens the dull, sagging skin.


It is an ingredient that provides nutrients to the skin
and strengthens the skin barrier to help improve wrinkles

How To Use

After applying the appropriate amount to the entire face, tap it lightly to spread
evenly and absorb it.
In addition to washing your face, you can use it as a massage.