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Glutathione 700 V-Whitening Mask

Glutathione, vitamin C, and efficacy that help maintain skin whitening and moisturizing.
Included mask helps to keep skin condition healthy
This is a double functional mask pack for whitening and creasing improvement.

Capacity : 25gx10ea
Price : ₩39,000

# Skin whitening # Resiliency strengthening / crease
# Moisturize it # Lighten it up
# More lively skin

Mask pack with whole ampoule in it.

In a brighter

More brightly with Glutathione blocking the production of melanin pigments.

more safely

Skin-friendly, hygienic Tencel Fabric makes it safer.

In a more balanced way

Skin that is more balanced with beta-in components that are excellent for balancing fluids.

With more flexibility

Skin that is more resilient with adenosine that is effective in improving wrinkles

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Glutathione helps protect the skin from UV rays and prevent melanin production from producing blemishes.
Glutathione also acts as an antioxidant to remove free radicals from our body and as an antioxidant function such as Vitamin C Selenium Cochuten, helps suppress aging of skin and improves immunity.

※ The description above is limited to raw material properties.


Glutathione blocks the production of melanin pigments that make your skin dull and shiny.
It is well known as the main ingredient of white ox shots, and it is a representative whitening ingredient used in dermatology because of its high skin stability.


Betaine is a well-known moisturizing ingredient that has excellent ability to penetrate skin cells with trimethyl glycine extracted from the roots of sugarcane. It has excellent conditioning to help moisture skin.


Pomegranates contain a variety of nutrients such as elagic acid, elagatanine, punic acid, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, which help reduce skin irritation.


Adenosine, which gives skin elasticity, makes skin elastic because of skin aging.

How To Use

1. After washing the face, use toner to clean the skin out of the face.
2. Attach the mask sheet to the face.
3. Allow to absorb for 3.15 to 20 minutes before removing.
4. Lightly tap the essence remaining on your skin to absorb it into your face